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Phone: 503-577-3100

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Northwest Classic Auto Mall
P.O. Box 1285
Gresham, OR 97030

NorthwestClassicAutoMall.com is a website that offers Classic Car enthusiasts of all ages, the opportunity to buy, sell or browse through the many classic cars, hotrods, street rods, muscle cars and other vintage cars that are for sale, both here in the Northwest and beyond.

NorthwestClassicAutoMall.com was started and designed by Jim and Patsy Haggerty in 1999. After 11 years of developing this website from the ground up, Jim and Patsy made the decision to sell the business to us, David Gaudin and Kelly Edmunson. We both have always enjoyed classic cars and photography. With David's photography skills, Kelly's promotional marketing experience and both of our computer and photo program knowledge, the purchasing of Northwest Classic Auto Mall made perfect sense. We will always be grateful to Jim and Patsy for the opportunity to continue to build their dream and to create one of our own.

Many of you may be clients of David's other business, David G Photography. He creates custom photo collages and show signs for car/truck owners. You can see his work on his website at www.davidgphotography.com He started the photography business in 2004 and has since created many of the show signs you see displayed in front of the cars at car shows, mainly in Oregon, Washington and California. With his business, and now Northwest Classic Auto Mall as well, we are vendors at over 30 car events a year, promoting the businesses. David comes from a large family of 7 siblings, 6 boys and 1 girl. He grew up in Dallas, Texas and enjoyed living in Hawaii for 8 years before moving to Oregon in 1998.

Kelly grew up in Southern California, spending many of her high school days/nights at numerous racing events at both Irwindale Raceway and El Toro Drag Strip in Orange County, CA before moving to Oregon in 1981. Kelly has 2 grown children, Amanda and Bryan, who can sometimes be seen in the booth during local shows. 

NorthwestClassicAutoMall.com has been successful in bringing buyers and sellers of 1989 and older classic cars and trucks together since 1999. We plan to promote and continue to build the website with much anticipation and enthusiam. Our goal is to offer all Classic Car enthusiasts a website that is informative, fun, and useful, just as Jim and Patsy had planned from the beginning. 

In addition to the online classified advertising of classic cars and trucks, we also have one of the most informative events calendar for car related events in the Northwest. Cruise News is rapidly becoming the best source available to find out about car cruise-ins, automotive swap meets, and classic car shows. Promoting your event on the Cruise News Page is free to all car clubs and show promoters.

We realize that without you, the classic car enthusiast, Northwestclassicautomall.com would not exist. As new owners, we appreciate the reception and support we have received while attending the many classic car shows, cruise-ins and automotive swap meets. We will work hard to grow NorthwestClassicAutoMall.com to be the largest and most respected online classified advertising source for selling classic cars and trucks in the Northwest. Thank you for your support.


NorthWestClassicAutoMall.com is not responsible for the contents of the advertisements placed on this Website although we do reserve the right to edit where we see fit. All ads and their content are the sole responsibility of the individuals and/or businesses placing the ads. North West Classic Auto Mall.com will not be held responsible for any promises, written or implied, by those parties advertising their vehicles and/or their businesses on this site. North West Classic Auto Mall.com reserves the right to edit all ads for their content. Any ads considered to be unsuitable will not published on our Website. North West Classic Auto Mall.com reserves the right to edit all ads for grammatical and /or spelling errors.

If this Site goes down due to any reason beyond the control of North West Classic Auto Mall.com, such as problems with our server, Internet Browser or other problems, they will be rectified as soon as possible and any substantial lost time will be added to the original expiration date of the ad.

SCAMS: We live in an age where scam (fraud) attempts happen all too often. Please be aware that there are crooks out there that may attempt to cheat you out of your hard earned money and/or a vehicle you have for sale. It is up to the individual buyers and sellers on this website to be aware of scams. Northwest Classic Auto Mall does not screen the contents of the Classifieds Ads for legitimacy and accuracy, nor can we prevent scammers from contacting the owners of vehicles or products and services listed in our Classified Ads. Northwest Classic Auto Mall is not responsible for the loss of any property, money or otherwise as a result of this website. For helpful tips, Read More ...

David Gaudin and Kelly Edmunson,
Owners/Administrators of NorthwestClassicAutoMall.com

Phone: 503-577-3100

Mailing address:

Northwest Classic Auto Mall
P.O. Box 1285
Gresham, OR 97030

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Recent FAQs

Does NorthWestClassicAutoMall.com advertise classic cars for sale only in the Northwest?
No, all ads for Classic Cars for Sale will be viewed by a worldwide audience.

What if I think my classic car is sold, and the buyer backs out, can I get my ad reinstated?
When you inform us that your classic car is sold, we will remove it from the website, however, we do keep inactive ads in our system for up to 30 days. Should this type of situation happen, you can contact us to see if the ad is still in our system and we can place the ad back on the website for the remainder of your ad time.

How soon after you receive my ad will my car be shown on your website?
When you have a classic car for sale and submit it to us for advertising, your ad will appear within 24 hours, and often sooner.

Will NorthWestClassicAutoMall.com guarantee that I sell my classic car?
When you advertise your classic car with us, we cannot guarantee that your classic car will sell. We do guarantee that if you have a classic car for sale on our website, you will get top quality advertising at very reasonable rates.

What types of Classic Cars and Trucks for sale appear on NorthWestClassicAutoMall.comís website?
1989 and older cars, trucks, (including muscle cars, hot rods, roadsters, race cards, rat rods, daily drivers and projects). As long as it's 1989 and older, you can post your ad on our website.

If my classic car sells before the ad expiration date, can I get a refund, or advertise another classic car for sale to use up the unused time?
Unfortunately we do not refund any money if your vehicle sells before the expiration date.

Can I cancel my ad if I decide I do not want to sell my car?
Yes, if you have a vehicle for sale on our website and decide you do not want to sell it, you can cancel the ad at any time, however, no refund will be issued.

How can I send you pictures, and do they have to be digital pictures?
You can send us your photos on-line by using our On-Line form. If you cannot send the pictures on line, you can send them as an attachment to an e-mail. If you do not have the capability to send the pictures to be used in your classic car for sale advertisement via the internet, simply send the photos to us via regular mail and we will scan the pictures for you.

Can I get my pictures back from you after you scan them
Yes, if you want your pictures back after we scan them for use in your classic car for sale ad, simply send us a self addressed stamped envelope and we will return your photos to you.

Do you charge any type of fees or commissions if I sell my classic car on your website?
When you advertise your classic car for sale on our website, the only fee you pay is the cost of the ad. There are no other charges or fees charged by NorthwestClassicAutoMall.com

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