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1967 Plymouth GTX
Item #: 20707

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1967 Plymouth GTX

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For your consideration is this pristine 1967 Plymouth GTX. The GTX was produced from 1967 to 1971. This exceptionally designed muscle car offered a perfect blend of style and performance, and it was nicknamed “The Gentleman’s Hotrod". As you may know, the classic body lines of the 1967 GTX was made for one year only. This is a numbers matching car and great care has been taken to keep this car exactly as it was from the factory down to the original carburetor. All of the original and optional equipment, except for carpets and paint, are still on the car from the factory. This car came equipped with the famous 440 Cubic Inch Super Commando Big Block V8 and and the Bulletproof A727 Torqueflite Transmission and the 3.23 Sure Grip Posi rear end. This GTX came from the Los Angeles factory with a very rare two tone paint. Only 224 GTX's came from the factory with this option in 1967. I believe it to be a one-of-a-kind paint scheme. As you can see from the photos the beautiful Dark Red Metallic paint contrasted with the Pearl White interior and the white top give the car a very rich and luxurious feel. It is a classic combination. The interiors on these cars were pure luxury with embossed bucket seats and lots of bright work. It also was ordered with factory headrests which were very uncommon. You will also notice all of the body lines are absolutely perfect and needless to say the car is rust free. The original fender tag was decoded (below) by the infamous Richard Kras of My I have the entire history of the car, having spent its entire life in Idaho, which we will go into later.

This GTX was purchased new in early 1967 by a gentleman in Lewiston Idaho. Although he is no longer with us, his is the name stamped on the original Chrysler circuit card that remains in the car to this day. The car was shipped to Lewiston from the Los Angeles plant where it was built. He kept and drove the car for its first nine years. During those years the car accumulated approximately 75,000 miles on it.

In 1975 the car was purchased by another gentleman who recognized its potential value as a collector's car. Over the years he acquired a small collection of cars including this one and stored them in northern Idaho. The car was put on blocks and was not driven for the next 25 years.

In 2000 the car was purchased by a fellow who owned a Chrysler dealership in northern Idaho. He had been aware of the small car collection and that the GTX for many years. Occasionally he would see the collector and always inquired as to whether or not he was ready to sell the GTX. The day finally came. At that time the car was still in its original unrestored (survivor) condition with approximately 78,000 miles on it. I just happened to be there on the day the car arrived at his dealership, and saw it as it was put into storage. I had always wanted a GTX after having owned Dodge Chargers in the 60's and 70's.It was a gorgeous specimen. This dealership had a well-respected bodyshop with two body men that had been doing body and paint for decades. These were old-school guys. The owner put the car in the back corner of the shop and put these two guys in charge of and on body restoration but they were to keep everything original. The beautiful white interior was still so pristine that only the carpets were replaced. The entire interior was carefully removed from the car and stored in preparation for paint. Working very slowly and carefully this was a project that would eventually take 18 months to complete. The interior and the dash were in such perfect condition that they were left untouched. Everything other than the carpeting inside the car is absolutely original and pristine. The headliner, although original, still looks factory new. All of the doors hood and trunk lid were disassembled in order to provide a factory quality paint job. If you didn't know that this car had been repainted you would never be able to tell. The paint work is flawless. The original bumpers were re-chromed and that the original factory Magnum 500 wheels were replaced. After the paint work was finally completed the car was put back together and I hope you can see by the pictures, every single component was aligned to perfection.

In 2005 I ran into the owner. I asked him if he was ready to let that GTX go and to my astonishment he said yes. The car had 79,842 original miles on it and looked like it had just been driven off the show room floor in 1967. I bought it and drove it home.

In 2006 (at about 81,200 miles) I decided it was time to go through the engine and transmission. I was told of a fellow in northern Idaho who was an expert Mopar 440 engine builder. Turns out this old guy had been rebuilding Mopar's since he was a kid. He had a beautiful shop and I knew I had found the right guy. He recommended that we use a Mopar Performance Purple Shaft Camshaft kit, which are been engineered exclusively for Chrysler production engines, and factory mopar parts for the rest. The original numbers matching block was bored to .030 over and the engine was built to produce 425HP. All of the original external components including valve covers, intake manifold, exhaust manifold, carburetor, and distributor are the originals that came on the car from the factory. Only the internal components were upgraded. At this time the original Torqueflight transmission rebuilt to factory specs. I also had the original 3.23 Sure Grip rear end disassembled, inspected, adjusted and reinstalled. It was in flawless original condition. Shortly thereafter we were having a little bit of a timing problem and replaced the distributor with a factory spec distributor from a Mopar guy in Roseburg Oregon. I still have the original distributor and had intended to have it rebuilt. The front suspension and steering are new and the car drives like it did when it came off of the showroom floor.

Since that time I have shown the car and taken it for occasional Sunday drives and the car now has about 83,000 miles on it. I am the fourth owner.

The Vin, Certacard and Fender Tag Decodes

1967 Plymouth Belvedere GTX, VIN RS23L75122141

Certicard Decode Line #1

R  Plymouth Belvedere GTX

S  Price Class: Special

23 2-Door Hardtop

L 440 cid 1x4bbl 375hp Super Commando Engine

7 1967 Model Year

5 Assembly Plant: Los Angelos, CA USA

122141 Assembly Plant: Sequence Number

Certicard Decode Line #2

P Trim Level: Premium

6 Vinyl Bucket Seats

V Trim Color: White & Red

W Roof Paint Color: White

Q Body Paint Color: Dark Red Metallic

2 Two Tone Paint Style

T5 A727 Torqueflite 3-Speed Automatic Transmission

SG Sure Grip Rear Axle

1118 Scheduled Production Date: November 18, 1966

Fender Tag Decode Line #1

RS23 Plymouth Belvedere GTX 2-Door Hardtop

83 440 cid 1x4bbl 375hp Super Commando Engine w/Dual Exhaust

5 A727 Torqueflite 3-Speed Automatic Transmission

B18 Scheduled Production Date: November 18, 1966

02201 Shipping Order Number

Fender Tag Decode Line #2

1 5 Mouldings: Drip Rail

A 4 Axle: 3.23:1 Ratio Rear Axle

X 8 Sure Grip Rear Axle

P T Trim Level: Premium

6 R Vinyl Bucket Seats

V M Trim Color: White & Red

W P Roof Paint Color: White

Q N Body Paint Color: Dark Red Metallic

2 T Two Tone Paint Style

U Q Upper Door Frame Paint Color: Dark Red

B Buffed Paint: None

S Accent Stripes: None

Fender Tag Decode Line #3

A1 26" Radiator

F5 Special Body Style: GTX

R1 AM Radio - 2 Watts

T7 Tachometer

X2 Glass: Tinted Windshield Only

Fender Tag Decode Line #4

a6 Center Console

b5 Front Bucket Seats

h7 Fender Mounted Turn Signals

j4 Molding: Body Sill, Narrow

General History of the GTX

The 1967 GTX was late to the party but more than competent to compete toe to toe with the GTO. Its standard Super Commando 440 was the “biggest GT engine anywhere” and put out 375 honest horses from a mild 10.1 compression ratio. Those numbers were achieved through a big Carter AFB 4-bbl. carb with extra-large throttle bores, dual-snorkel air cleaner, hot cam, oversize ports and valves, and other hot stuff.

Outside, “pit-stop” gas cap, twin hood scoops, and chromed dual exhausts were standard. Inside, the GTX’s high-grade interior offered standard buckets available in blue, red, copper, black, and white.

Popular options were dual sport stripes for hood and rear deck (similar to the interior, available in blue, red, copper, black, or white), console, armrest/center seat, console-mounted tachometer, custom road wheels (Magnum 500s).

As equipped, the GTX was capable of low-14s all day, and high-13s with some skilled tuning. There was no standard-engine supercar that could touch it. In general, a Hemi GTX would win the quarter mile, but since the 440's torque peaked at 3200 rpm while the Hemi had to wait until it reached 4000, and was harder to tune, a race was often tight, and well-driven, well-tuned 440 cars could beat Hemi cars.

With 480 lb.-ft. of torque, “great care was required to achieve maximum-effort take-offs.” It was felt that the TorqueFlite automatic shifts worked best with minimum time and slippage lost within the transmission.” The GTX was one of the most responsive, comfortable handling domestic 1967 automobiles.

By the end of the model year, only 12,010 hardtops had been built. That may have paled in comparison to over 81,000 GTOs, but every single GTX was a step up in performance from the bulk of the GTOs built.

The GTX continued to play the role of Plymouth’s mature performance car through 1971, upon which it was relegated to a performance package for the Road Runner from 1972-74. The GTX played the role of Plymouth’s big-bore hunter till the bitter end.

Contact: Mick

Phone: 208-874-2536


$ 49,500

Location: Moscow, Idaho

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