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Does NorthWestClassicAutoMall.com advertise classic cars for sale only in the Northwest?
No, all ads for Classic Cars for Sale will be viewed by a worldwide audience.

What if I think my classic car is sold, and the buyer backs out, can I get my ad reinstated?
When you inform us that your classic car is sold, we will remove it from the website, however, we do keep inactive ads in our system for up to 30 days. Should this type of situation happen, you can contact us to see if the ad is still in our system and we can place the ad back on the website for the remainder of your ad time.

How soon after you receive my ad will my car be shown on your website?
When you have a classic car for sale and submit it to us for advertising, your ad will appear within 24 hours, and often sooner.

Will NorthWestClassicAutoMall.com guarantee that I sell my classic car?
When you advertise your classic car with us, we cannot guarantee that your classic car will sell. We do guarantee that if you have a classic car for sale on our website, you will get top quality advertising at very reasonable rates.

What types of Classic Cars and Trucks for sale appear on NorthWestClassicAutoMall.com’s website?
1989 and older cars, trucks, (including muscle cars, hot rods, roadsters, race cards, rat rods, daily drivers and projects). As long as it's 1989 and older, you can post your ad on our website.

If my classic car sells before the ad expiration date, can I get a refund, or advertise another classic car for sale to use up the unused time?
Unfortunately we do not refund any money if your vehicle sells before the expiration date.

Can I cancel my ad if I decide I do not want to sell my car?
Yes, if you have a vehicle for sale on our website and decide you do not want to sell it, you can cancel the ad at any time, however, no refund will be issued.

How can I send you pictures, and do they have to be digital pictures?
You can send us your photos on-line by using our On-Line form. If you cannot send the pictures on line, you can send them as an attachment to an e-mail. If you do not have the capability to send the pictures to be used in your classic car for sale advertisement via the internet, simply send the photos to us via regular mail and we will scan the pictures for you.

Can I get my pictures back from you after you scan them
Yes, if you want your pictures back after we scan them for use in your classic car for sale ad, simply send us a self addressed stamped envelope and we will return your photos to you.

Do you charge any type of fees or commissions if I sell my classic car on your website?
When you advertise your classic car for sale on our website, the only fee you pay is the cost of the ad. There are no other charges or fees charged by NorthwestClassicAutoMall.com

How do I go about changing or adding to my classified ad?
If you have a classic car for sale on our website and want to make any changes to the ad, simply send us an e-mail with the requested changes and we will the changes for you. If you do not have a computer, simply give us a call.

My husband has a “Bunch” of old cars that he should sell. Do you offer any discounts for multiple ads?
If you have several antique or classic cars for sale, drop us a line and we will be glad to work with you.

I am in a car club in Washington State, and I noticed that you list some events on the bottom of your pages. How can I get my car clubs event shown like that?
The "Cruise News" section of our website offers event listings at no charge, however, I think you were referring to the ads you see at the bottom of the pages and they are referred to as “Banner Ads”. Many clubs want more exposure for their events and realize that we get several thousand visitors a month to our website. We even help design the banner ad for you. We offer reasonable prices for the banner ads and they vary, depending on the length of time the ad runs. Please call or e-mail us for more information.

I don’t have a classic car for sale, but would like to have a picture of my 1937 Chevrolet posted in your Photo Gallery. How do I go about doing this
Just send us a photo, that’s all there is to it. Either e-mail it to us or send it via regular mail. If you see us at an event, we will be glad to take the picture for you free of charge. You don’t have to have a classic car for sale to have pictures of it posted in our photo gallery.

I hear so much about ebay, what makes you different than them?
NorthwestClassicAutoMall.com does not charge any commissions when you have a classic car for sale on our website, nor do we participate in the actual sale of the vehicle. Our website is viewed worldwide, just like eBay. If you advertise on eBay, there are commissions involved and reserves, etc. We charge $9.95 for a 1 month ad or $24.95 for a 'Runs Until Sold' ad. When you sell your car from our website, there are no commissions or other fees. You only pay for the price of the ad you select.

I have a friend trying to sell a totally restored 1932 REO Hearse. I'm interested in finding out a price range for this vehicle.
We have auto appraisers who advertise on our website. You can find their contact information in our Products and Services section of our Classified Ads. You can also go to www.nada.com to see what they say and/or do a search on the internet for 1932 REO Hearse and see what's out there and what they're asking. Good luck...sounds like a beauty!!

Most certainly, some folks run a newspaper ad at the same time and link back to their ad on NWCAM so they can see the pictures...whatever works!

what is the price for a set of 911 led tail lights
Odie, you have reached the website office. What company were you trying to contact about the tail lights? Was it Watts Wheels and Wings? Thank you, Kelly

Total Care Trans

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