Quarter Mile Foundation and Project 1320

The Race is Underway... and the Clock is Ticking!

From the desk of David Dickinson
Publisher, Evancourt Press

From the late 40s and early 50s, drag racing has been a passion that has gathered thousands upon thousands of individuals. That passion takes different shapes and is lived out in many levels of involvement. As in any arena, there are those that stand out and whose lives are consumed by that passion, their dreams becoming their reality.

Those short rides that they take us on allow us to be a part of that world and to share in the thrill for a handful of seconds each time they roll up to the line. But those bold individuals that set the pace over a half century ago are leaving us almost as fast as it takes to go that 1320 feet. Many are already gone, having left timing slips, but taking their personal memories and stories with them.

The Quarter Mile Foundation and its Project 1320 seek to preserve and share in a documentary for TV as many of those personal memories from those that remain in the form of personal interviews on video, capturing for posterity the essence of those trailblazers that have brought us to this point. This is no small feat, requiring travel, dealing with logistics, and arranging the interviews, along with all of the editing and production that is necessary to make a professional and worthwhile piece come to life.

This all takes money and the true race for the Quarter Mile Foundation and its Project 1320 is to acquire the funds needed before those iconic men and women reach the end of his or her track. It is a race that we need to win... for those whose history we need to preserve and for all of us that want to know that history and hear those stories in their own words.

We are the answer to the question "Where does that funding come from?" It is individuals like you and I that control the outcome of this contest of speed, because the race can't even begin without us saying "GO!" We can say go by sending money.

We need to buy a ticket to any race we attend, so today we buy that ticket through the Quarter Mile Foundation and it is a season pass, because once the interviews are captured we can relive those memories over and over through the quality productions that the Project 1320 is providing. We cannot let this moment pass us by until it is too late. The race has begun already. All you need to do is provide the fuel to complete it.

So, donate to the Quarter Mile Foundation right now and become a "Friend of the Project 1320", as well. You can do both by going to the Quarter Mile Foundation website or send a check payable to:

Quarter Mile Foundation
6210 Beverly Dr.
Parma Heights, OH 44130

Are you in the grandstand wondering how the race will play out or are you at the starting line yelling "GO!"?

Thank you in advance for your generous support!

David Dickinson
Publisher and Editor
Evancourt Press
The Old Car Nut Book series

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