The Gift Of Books For The Car Enthusiasts

Every year, I found myself in the same gift buying dilemna as the year before, always trying to find the perfect gift for family members and friends. I always felt I did a pretty good job, or more accurately, nobody complained about the gifts I picked out, but I was in search of a way to make my gift buying adventures less stressful and time consuming. 

Though we are all of different generations, with a variety of education and career choices, we all have one thing in common. C.A.R.S. Our gatherings consist of everyone arriving in all types of vehicles. There's classics, customs, rat rods, luxuries, projects, lowriders and high tech late models with every bell and whistle on it you can imagine. The span of years between the cars in the driveways are similar to the span of years between those who own them. What's quite funny is, an outsider would be surprised to learn which car belongs to which's not always what one would think to be "the obvious".

About 6 years ago, I decided to give the gift of books to everyone.... car books! I knew the older generation (guys and girls alike) would get a kick out of sifting through the pictures in the book, since many don't "google" things or "surf" the internet the way many of us do. I wanted to see everyone gather around the books and not the computer, to share their stories, ideas and opinions of what they came upon, flipping from page to page. I was pleased that everyone thoroughly enjoyed the books, but it took me by surprise that as everyone began to head home, there was some swapping of the books taking place. The books I picked out for certain people, were of interest to another, while their book was of interest to another, and so on...and so on. Only a few people took home the book I had actually bought for them, while the others agreed to return the book to the next gathering and do some more swapping. Now, as we gather for family get-togethers, birthdays and holidays, there are the usual gift wrapped and gift bagged presents, with neatly written gift tags, indicating which present goes to who. Then....there are my gifts! I carry in my big bag or unwrapped box which is now all too familiar to everyone, and it's a mad rush to see what's inside, each and every time! Let the book sharing begin!

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