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I've known Joe for a few years now and always enjoy running into him at car shows and swap meets. Joe was introduced to cars at an early age by his Dad, and it's the two of them who often attend the car events together.

Joe's early and ongoing interest in cars proved to be a stepping stone towards furthering his education in the automotive field, followed by a work history of automotive service work and restoration. After high school, Joe completed a 2 year program, earning a degree in Auto & Diesel Technology from the Universal Technical Institute in Phoenix, Arizona. His first automotive job was with Desert Valley Auto Parts, of the "Desert Car Kings" series. 40 acres of stacked cars from the 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s and a few 30s-era cars as well as some 80s-era vehicles that made it into the piles.

Something looks out of place on this Model A Truck
Located in Condon, Oregon

Abandoned service station off US Highway 101
Olympic Peninsula, Washington

When Joe returned to Oregon, his work continued in the classic automotive field, at a Mopar restoration shop and currently providing maintenance, component restoration and upkeep for a private collection of 25+ vehicles. His interest and knowledge in Mopars has provided him the opportunity to write tech articles for the Cascade Pacific Plymouth Club. Historically, Joe's interest has been in Mopars, but when asked, the favorite vehicle he's owned (and still has) is the 1976 Ford F250 that his Dad bought new and handed down to him.

Mopar Gasser Coupe

Recently married, Joe and his wife Jessi, enjoy a variety of hobbies together, including hiking, backpacking, mountain biking, photography…and cars! The first time I met Jessi, she was helping Joe with the finishing touches and display area of a ‘42 Plymouth at the Portland Roadster Show. Combining his automotive interest and knowledge with his hobbies, Joe began a blog, appropriately titled "The Philosopher's Wrench" where he shares Original Automotive Restoration Tech Articles, Photography, Travel Essays and the Philosophy of Craftsmanship for a Better World.

Joe and Jessi
Retro Engagement Photo Shoot
Flying A Gas Station in Gladstone, Oregon
Photo Courtesy of K. Lindmeier Photography

The Philosopher's Wrench blog offers a variety of topics and in the beginning, I found myself "skipping" around a bit to read the posts that sounded the most interesting to me. Whether it's time limitations or simply out of habit, I think this is what most people do. However, as time allows, I've been revisiting the posts I previously skipped and have found new interests. This is what blogs are meant to do. They grab your attention and create a desire to want to see and read more. I finish each post, looking forward to the next, to see what old vehicle Joe may have stumbled upon, or a new place Joe and Jessi may have visited while biking or hiking. Joe's pictures capture details we might overlook when standing in front of the same abandoned service station, old car, rusty pail of tools or funny road signs.

Farmers' tools left out in the harsh elements in the
middle of a job that will never be completed.

I invite you to visit The Philosopher's Wrench blog and enjoy Joe's journey!

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